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 03 December 2018

SAL - Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment (Amendment) Act 2018 (18 January 2019)

Join SAL’s Senior Accredited Specialists in Building and Construction Law as they dissect the amendments to SOPA and discuss how they may impact the payment and adjudication process.

Visit the SAL website or download brochure HERE for more information.

 01 November 2018

E-newsletter Co-Editor's Message

Dear SCL(S) members,

The people have spoken and the SCL(S) Council for 2018-2020 have been elected. The campaigns were hard fought and the election promises came fast and furious. Pledges of more craft beer to be served at SCL social events were countered by pledges of a Singapore protocol on delay. The dust has settled and I am happy with the outcome. The majority are people I have worked with in the previous council and I can attest to their work ethic and their commitment. The new appointees are Kelvin Teo and Adrian Wong who I am certain will contribute significantly. Under the leadership of Toh Chen Han, I expect that the Council will build on the good work done by the previous council under Alex Wong’s leadership.

This newsletter also comes at a significant time. The Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act has been amended. To that end, we are pleased to have an article from Joanna Seetoh and Chan Yong Neng of Pinsent Masons MPillay LLP enlightening us on the amendments. The article is extensive and exceedingly helpful in its survey on the changes to the Act. Construction lawyers and anyone else who rely on the Act would definitely find this article a useful guide to navigating the technical intricacies of the amendments.

We are also fortunate that we have another enriching article to read in this newsletter. This one is a piece by Sean Hardy and Justin Ee of Pinsent Masons MPillay LLP on the recent case of Lee Tat Development Pte Ltd v Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No.31 [2018] SGCA 50. This Court of Appeal decision looked at the esoteric torts of abuse of process and malicious prosecution in a long-running dispute between a developer and a management corporation. The article by Sean and Justin is a tantalising read and is a welcome change to the usual articles on variations, adjudication, delays etc.

I am pleased with the content that we have for this newsletter and look forward to working with my fellow co-editor, Kelvin Teo, on getting more interesting content out in future newsletters for all of you to digest and enjoy. Take care and see everyone soon at the next SCL(S) event!

Ashok Kumar Rai
Co-Editor, SCL (Singapore) E-newsletter

23 August 2018

Nominations for Office Bearers and Council Members for 2018 - 2020

At the close of time to receive nominations for election to Council 2018 – 2020, the following valid nominations were received:

No.  Position Nominated For  Person Nominated   Proposer Seconder 
 1  Chairman  Toh Chen Han  Wong Li Kok Alex  Wei Ern, Adrian
 2  Vice Chairman  Lee Chau Ee  Wong Li Kok Alex  Wei Ern, Adrian
 3  Honorary Secretary  Karen Fletcher
 Mark McGeoh
 Toh Chen Han
 Kevin J. Attrill
 Wong Li Kok Alex
 4  Honorary Treasurer  Kua Moon Yin  Toh Chen Han  Wong Li Kok Alex
 5  Asst Honorary Treasurer  Trevor Lam  Chng Eng Hui  Anthony Lee
 6  Council Member  Darren Benger  Wong Li Kok Alex  Wei Ern, Adrian Wong
 7  Council Member  Anil Changaroth  Toh Chen Han  Wong Li Kok Alex
 8  Council Member  Ashok Kumar Rai  Wong Li Kok Alex  Wei Ern, Adrian
 9  Council Member  Wei Xian Kelvin Teo  Paul Sandosham  Toh Chen Han
 10  Council Member  Wei Ern, Adrian Wong  Toh Chen Han  Wong Li Kok Alex

As there are nominations for a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, an Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer, an Assistant Honorary Treasurer, and six (6) other members one of whom shall be the Immediate Past Chairman, all the above shall be deemed duly elected and Wong Li Kok Alex shall be the Immediate Past President.

 14 August 2018

Chairman's Message

Dear SCL(S) members,

It has been almost two years since I assumed the Chair of the SCL(S). I have been lucky to have inherited the organisation at a time of strength and growth and with a Secretariat and Council stocked with enthusiasm. I hope to step down from my role with the SCL(S) in just as strong a position and with a team that is fit for the future.

Even in the relatively short two years at the helm, the pace of technological advancement and change have accelerated in the construction industry and in society as a whole. Technological advancement though is more than just about productivity gains and a new way of designing and constructing in the industry. It is also about ensuring that our industry keeps up with the wider change in society. Electrical engineering is moving on from building transmission lines and large power plants to building micro-grids and energy storage just as our road networks are being prepared for fully electrical and driverless cars. It is not just about a new way of doing things. It is about doing new things. Conversely, that change in society is also more than just about finding new business models and product lines, it is also about the way we do business. All our actions and decisions in business are expected to and should have a wider social and moral compass. How we make our money is just as, if not more important than, how much money we make. The world is always watching.

SCL(S) needs to respond to all these challenges and to be at the forefront of change. We are part of the push of the construction industry to greater things and to better things. I have no doubt that our new SCL(S) Council will continue to serve that end and I have no doubt that all of you will support us in that endeavour.

Alex Wong
Chairman, SCL (Singapore)

 1 August 2018

ON 29 AUGUST 2018 AT 5.30PM

SCL(S) members, please login for more details.

 11 July 2018

SAL Specialist Accreditation Scheme: Applications to be accredited as a Senior Accredited Specialist now open

Be recognised for your expertise by being accredited as a Senior Accredited Specialist. Interested legal practitioners in Building and Construction Law with a minimum of 10 years' PQE should submit their applications now. The last day of submission is 31 August 2018.

Visit the SAL website or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

 14 June 2018

Publications Committee Chair Message

Dear SCL(S) members,

Welcome to what is the penultimate publication of the SCL(S) newsletter for this Publications Committee. We hope you are still enjoying our regular newsletters and are looking forward to this one!

On this occasion we have gone for a Special Report publication, all the more relevant to us as it is intended to provide an update about the Construction Expertise 101 series. This series featured speakers from various core construction disciplines that enabled attendees to have an all-rounded perspective into the finer aspects of these core disciplines as well as how each functions within the construction industry.

We also have a write-up on our Networking Cocktail 2018 event, which was a significant event for a number of reasons not least as it marked the first time we featured The Lighthouse Club Singapore, as part of our ongoing collaboration, in its efforts among other things to support the education and training of young people in the construction industry.

Thanks so much for your continued support!

Lee Chau Ee
Publications Committee Chair, SCL (Singapore)

 24 April 2018

Papers are now invited for the 2018 SCLS Prize
The Society of Construction Law Singapore (SCLS) is delighted to announce the inaugural SCLS Essay Competition 2018.
The following prizes will be offered for winning papers in 2018:  
First Prize – SGD 2,000
Runner Up Prize – SGD 500 .
The winner shall be invited to receive their prize at an SCLS event.
Entries will only be accepted from students aged 28 and below enrolled in universities or other tertiary institutions in Singapore as of the final date for receiving submissions.
More details are available HERE.

29 March 2018

SAL Specialist Accreditation Scheme: Last call for applications

Legal practitioners (minimum 5 years' PQE) interested in applying to be an Accredited Specialist in Building and Construction Law should submit their Application and Reference Statement forms and supporting documentation now. The last day of submission is 2 April 2018.

Visit the SAL website or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

 28 March 2018

Vice-Chairman's Message

Dear SCL(S) members,

Welcome to the second publication of the SCL(S) newsletter for the year.

We’re pleased to have made a great start to the new CPD year, with the success of our first two events i.e. the "Annual Construction Law Update 2018" (23 January 2018)" and Understanding the Construction Contract in a Project Financing” (27 February 2018).

You will find updates on both events in this issue. The 2nd year of our 5-module multi-disciplinary Construction Expertise 101 course began on 8 March and ran till 22 March 2018. Please also look out for details of the talk on Reliance and Expectation Loss: Alternative Heads of Damage?  which Rashda Rana QC will deliver on 4 April 2018.

We are also pleased to announce details of the SCL(S) 2018 Essay Writing Competition, and to provide coverage of the important recent case of Audi Construction v Kian Hiap where the Singapore Court of Appeal reversed the High Court’s decision on important issues as to the timing of Payment Claims and jurisdictional objections by claimants and respondents respectively in adjudication proceedings under the Security for Payment Act.

Having grown over the years into an established institution within the Singapore construction industry, SCL(S) now feels well placed to go beyond just building on our past successful initiatives, and to play a greater role in giving back to the community. We have, for a while now, endeavoured to explore opportunities for our members and their organisations to do just that through various outreach programmes. To this end, members Can expect to find SCL(S) continuing to support various in-need causes including the ARC Children’s Centre (since 2015), as well as Habitat for Humanity Singapore (since late last year) and Lighthouse Club Singapore (in the past two years).

On that note, we are proud to support Habitat for Humanity Singapore’s upcoming Home Sweep Home event on 14 July 2018 and Lighthouse Club Singapore’s latest fund raising efforts by passing the hat around at our forthcoming Networking Cocktail event on 18 April 2018.


Thank you.

Chen Han Toh
Vice Chairman, SCL (Singapore)

5 January 2018

Chairman's Message

Dear SCL(S) members,

One of the perks of my job as SCL(S) Chair is being able to respond positively to many of the kind invitations we receive from sister organisations to attend their conferences and events. On one such occasion a few weeks back, I attended the CIOB-NUS Annual Construction Conference. This came on the back of a series of events in Singapore promoting greater productivity and exploring technology disruption in the construction sector. What fascinated me is how quickly we are moving towards large scale implementation (in terms of size, quantity and quality) of technologies like 3D printing in our area of work. As our industry gravitates towards innovations in our work, the inputs that we provide in the service sector supporting the industry must innovate and adapt them. We need to constantly examine and re-examine both the substance of our inputs in a changing landscape but also the way in which we provide those inputs.

I believe that we, as SCL(S) and our membership base here in Singapore, have always taken great pride in being on the frontier of our work and as thought leaders in our communities. The price of maintaining this pride is the hunger that we have never achieved enough and that there is always more to learn.

As we start this new year, I hope some of our resolutions reflect our undying spirit and that we look forward to completing 2018 many steps ahead of where we start. 

Thank you.

 Alex Wong
Chairman, SCL (Singapore) 

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