Dear SCL(S) members,

It is an honour to be accepted as Chairman; to lead Council and to represent the Society. 

For those who were not present at the Annual General Meeting  or are not otherwise familiar with me, please let me introduce myself: I am a director of ATA Architects Pte Ltd, and, as a professional architect / qualified person, deal with statutory law, contract administration and expert witness opinions. I am on the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) panels of arbitrators and expert determinators, have achieved GCIA (Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration), and am an SIArb Fellow. I am also proud to be an NUS lecturer on building contracts and the SIA representative for the Design-for-Safety (DfS) Regulations Taskforce.

Firstly, I would like to thank, with great appreciation, the immediate past Council for their diligent, professional and productive efforts over the last term, and for maintaining and developing the shape of the Society. I especially recognise and thank Anil Changaroth, the now immediate past Chairman, for his efforts, passion and leadership over the last term.

Secondly, I wish to thank the following persons for their efforts over the last term:

  • Mr Clive Holloway and Dr Anand Jude Anthony who served as Honorary Auditors.
  • Mr Vineet Shrivastava who served with diligence as Returning Officer.
  • Intellitrain, who have served (once again) with great professionalism as the SCL(S) secretariat – and whose continued support we look forward to in the coming term.

Thirdly, but by no means the least, I wish to recognise the following persons in regard to the current term:

  • Mr Sunny Sim and Mr Rama Venkta, elected as Honorary Auditors.
  • The 2014-16 Council, consisting of:
Chairman Darren Benger
Vice Chairman Alex Wong
Honorary Secretary Paul Sandosham
Honorary Treasurer Karen Fletcher
Assistant Honorary Treasurer Matthew Minuzzo

Anil Changaroth Kash Quddus
Lorimer Doig Uma Menon
Christopher Nunns Toh Chen Han

Honorary Auditors

Rama Venkta  
Sunny Sim

Looking forward; the areas of focus that I intend for the coming term are as follows:

  1. To sustain and further develop the high level of Professional Development activities through seminars/talks, the Annual Conference, workshops, and the various “101” courses. This will be underpinned by modes of “study & research” in accordance with our Constitutional objects.
  2. Develop the ‘interactiveness’ and ‘effectiveness’ of the construction-law community environment (both locally and internationally), including:
    (a) To maintain the high level of information,interaction and outreach through the highly regarded and informative SCL(S) Newsletter.
    (b) Networking and construction-law-business vibrancy, such as through continued Social & Networking Cocktails events and revamped website functionality.
    (c) Discourse and other interactions through revamped website functionality (bearing in mind the readily available and familiar info-comm technology that is now well-developed).
  3. Promoting “study & research” in accordance with our Constitutional objects, such as through ‘reference & resources’ content in the revamped website; and seeking to identify new opportunities.
  4. Promoting ‘social responsibility’ of the Society through ‘social & outreach’ ventures.
  5. To sustain the financial health of the Society, including through balanced expenditure-against-budget projections, and strategy for appropriate utilisation of the Society’s financial reserves (for the appropriate benefit of the Members).
  6. To look into ways to promote membership growth.
  7. To apply special focus to developing relationships with other organisations premised on shared interests in topics of construction law.
  8. Generally, to sustain prudent governance.

Once again, thank you for your trust in bestowing me with the honour of Chairmanship, and I look forward to hearing from  members on the areas of focus or any other concerns or suggestions. Please feel welcome to email any feedback to Council via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I look forward to a continued fruitful and engaging relationship with the SCL(S) membership, and to a successful term ahead.


Darren Benger


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