Workshop: Managing Construction Disputes (& Resolutions) - The Efficient Use of Scott Schedules & Expert Witnesses Conferencing

Held: 19 July 2014, Saturday, 8.30am-12.30pm, Maxwell Chambers Premier, 32 Maxwell Road


SCL(S) is proud to have successfully conducted the first workshop on Scott Schedules & Expert Witnesses Conferencing (also known as ‘Hot-Tubbing’). This first run of the workshop was attended by 30 participants, of a wide and varied array of backgrounds. The workshop was fully subscribed, indicating that these topics are indeed increasing in interest and relevance in today's various modes of dispute resolution. SCL(S) is looking forward to build on this positive initial response by holding regular re-runs in the future. The first re-run is slated for the last quarter of 2014.

The workshop's inception was in response to the Honourable Justice Quentin Loh’s keynote address at the SCL(S) Annual Construction Law Conference in 2012, in which His Honour highlighted the importance of proper management of evidence; specifically, the proper state of preparation for Court hearings, including to suggest the use of Scott Schedules and Expert Witness Conferencing. Accordingly, the following were addressed in this workshop:

a) The history and rationale of Scott Schedules, and explanation of their use in dispute resolution.

b) Review of samples of Scott Schedules, and the application of Scott Schedules in practical workshop exercises.

c) Sharing of experiences of both Expert Witness Conferencing and the use of Scott Schedules, in a Singapore context, under both Court and arbitration contexts.

Edwin Lee and Darren Benger made presentations and conducted exercises on Scott Schedules, while Chris Nunns and David Shuttleworth provided great insight, from their own experiences, to expert conclaves and expert conferencing. Edwin and Anil Changaroth, the moderator for the workshop, combined excellently during Q+A / interactive part of the workshop to give greater insight and explanation to the legal considerations related to these topics.

In all, the feedback on the workshop from participants was positive, and SCL(S) is encouraged in looking forward to the future re-runs.


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Darren Benger

ATA Architects Pte Ltd

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