Feedback from our Dinner Guests
The SCL(S)'s 10th anniversary dinner was the first SCL(S) event I have attended in Singapore and I was pleasantly surprised by the informal nature of the occasion. I am a structural engineering expert based in Hong Kong and it struck me how universally willing my hosts, Clifford Chance, and others were to introduce me to people in the industry to help further my expert witness endeavours. As a direct outcome of the dinner, I have already been able to reach out to others in the industry in both Singapore and Hong Kong. I look forward to increasing my participation in such events and supporting the SCL in both Singapore and Hong Kong.
Contributed by:
David Satchell - Managing Director, Satchell and Associates
I had the pleasure of attending the SCL(S) annual dinner on 29 August 2018. The venue was "Beasts and Butterflies", fortunately no one misconstrued that as the evening's costume theme. We were greeted at the door by AURA (Automated Room-service Associate), billed as "South East Asia’s first Front-of-House Autonomous Service Delivery Robot in the hotel industry". Not to be confused with AUSCA (Automated Service Chef Associate), the robot that cooks the eggs at the venue (in three minutes), we learnt that AURA can operate lifts to go between floors, and its sensors allow it to detect obstacles or passengers along the way. Soon the robots will be replacing us all…. The evening kicked off with some canapés and refreshments which provided an excellent opportunity to meet and reacquaint with fellow industry participants, which was followed by a number of speeches filled with war stories (one particular highlight was Anil Changaroth's speech that detailed how he got into the construction industry via the "alleged" activities of a former client which was filled with everything from a car crash, stolen goods, bribery and informants), delectable fusion food and mirth by all.
Contributed by:
Almiro Clere - Associate, Clifford Chance
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