In the presence of about 25 SCL(S) members, Philip (who also had submitted a paper) spoke about the concept of Construction Contract Changes.

Phillip’s talk covered the certainty of change being the constant of construction process and considered Construction Changes including its purpose and objectives, the difference between formal, cardinal and constructive changes, changes beyond the general scope, the types of Constructive change (including aspects of misrepresentations, ambiguities, economic waste, interference, non-cooperation, defective/impracticable specifications, wrongful withholding of superior knowledge, acceleration of work), authority to Order Change, notice of claim and claim documentation.

With Phillip having provided an in depth analysis of the topic, it became evident that the topic (as it is so referred to in the United States) was very much a part of Singapore’s landscape of Construction industry and Law and left many of the participants confident that this is an area of construction law that was indeed part and parcel of their respective construction practices.

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Contributed by:
Anil Changaroth - MD and General Counsel, ChangAroth Chambers LLC and ChangAroth InterNational Consultancy
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