As a dispute resolution lawyer in the construction space, I found the course interesting and engaging.

There was a clear focus on addressing the practical issues that those in the construction industry, not just lawyers, will encounter over the life cycle of a project – such as negotiating construction contracts, subcontracting and payment issues, and, preparing for and dealing with disputes. As particular attention was paid to the terms of the PSSCOC and SIA standard form contracts, those in the construction industry who deal regularly with these contracts should certainly consider attending it.
The course also provided a helpful overview of the construction disputes that commonly arise. This ranged from disputes over design, delay or time, to, disputes involving fraud or unconscionability. There was an effective use of case studies and examples to illustrate the different issues that may arise and how to deal with such disputes.

I would also commend the course providers and speakers for their efforts in covering recent developments in construction law. The coverage of the changes to be made to the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act (amendments now passed by Parliament but not yet in operation) was particularly interesting and useful.

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Contributed by:
Xide Low - Associate, Clifford Chance Asia
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