The SCL(S)’s 1st Networking Cocktail event for 2014 was held at “&Sons Bacaro”, a Venetian gastropub located at China Square Central for all members, invited guests and non-members from the construction industry.

The networking event is an informal social gathering providing an opportunity to mingle with fellow members and their guests, non-members from the construction industry, as well as to meet the SCL (S) Council. In a relaxed event devoid of any formalities, the attendees, numbering more than forty, let their hair down and forgot their stresses of the day, mingling with members, non-members and their invited guests.

Chairman Anil Changaroth, Vice Chairman Paul Sandosham and Treasurer Darren Benger were fantastic hosts, availing of their sense of humour to break the ice and get the crowd going. The attendees spent the evening catching up, making introductions, and enjoying good food, beer and wine. The great service at this laid back venue certainly facilitated the intermingling of guests. Indeed, the evening continued long after its planned conclusion.

The free flow of wine, beer and a good spread of food provided by SCL (S) was for two hours, however most of the attendees continued to enjoy the great service and relaxed ambience at “&Sons Barcaro”.

Both members of SCL and non-members from the construction industry can look forward to more of such networking events in future.

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