Dear SCL(S) members,

Dear SCL(S) members, One of the perks of my job as SCL(S) Chair is being able to respond positively to many of the kind invitations we receive from sister organisations to attend their conferences and events. On one such occasion a few weeks back, I attended the CIOB-NUS Annual Construction Conference. This came on the back of a series of events in Singapore promoting greater productivity and exploring technology disruption in the construction sector. What fascinated me is how quickly we are moving towards large scale implementation (in terms of size, quantity and quality) of technologies like 3D printing in our area of work. As our industry gravitates towards innovations in our work, the inputs that we provide in the service sector supporting the industry must innovate and adapt them. We need to constantly examine and re-examine both the substance of our inputs in a changing landscape but also the way in which we provide those inputs.

I believe that we, as SCL(S) and our membership base here in Singapore, have always taken great pride in being on the frontier of our work and as thought leaders in our communities. The price of maintaining this pride is the hunger that we have never achieved enough and that there is always more to learn.

As we start this new year, I hope some of our resolutions reflect our undying spirit and that we look forward to completing 2018 many steps ahead of where we start. 

Thank you.

 Alex Wong
Chairman, SCL (Singapore) 

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