Dear SCL(S) members,

Welcome to what is the penultimate publication of the SCL(S) newsletter for this Publications Committee. We hope you are still enjoying our regular newsletters and are looking forward to this one!

On this occasion we have gone for a Special Report publication, all the more relevant to us as it is intended to provide an update about the Construction Expertise 101 series. This series featured speakers from various core construction disciplines that enabled attendees to have an all-rounded perspective into the finer aspects of these core disciplines as well as how each functions within the construction industry.

We also have a write-up on our Networking Cocktail 2018 event, which was a significant event for a number of reasons not least as it marked the first time we featured The Lighthouse Club Singapore, as part of our ongoing collaboration, in its efforts among other things to support the education and training of young people in the construction industry.

Thanks so much for your continued support!

Lee Chau Ee
Publications Committee Chair, SCL (Singapore)


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