27 March 2017

Reminder to SCL (Singapore) Members to Register for Access to Resources on International SCL Website

We would like to remind members that as part of your privileges of membership, you may access the SCL International website to access resources made available by other international SCLs. This arrangement has been in place since January 2015.

 SCL(S) Members may register at www.sclinternational.org/user/register with:

  1. Your SCL(S) membership number
  2.  A special registration code which is unique to SCL(S) – members should contact the SCL Singapore Secretariat for the code

After you register, a request will be received by us to activate your access.  Do note that your SCL(S) membership must be current in order for us to activate your access.  If you have not yet renewed your SCL(S) membership for this year, please log in to renew and pay online HERE.

Should you require assistance with regards the SCL International website, please contact the SCL International webmaster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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