The SCL (International) meeting was held on 26th September 2018 in Chicago on the 1st evening of SCL 8th International Conference (organised by SCL (North America)) and was chaired by SCL (International) Liaison’s committee of Keith Kirkwoood & Paul Battrick SCL(UK), Basil Georgiou SCL(Australia), John Cock SCL(Hong Kong) and Anil Changaroth SCL(Singapore).

This meeting had the largest representation of SCL (International) with attendance by about 40 heads and/or international relations chairs from SCL Australia, Africa, Brazil, Chile, Europe, Gulf, Hong Kong, Mexico, Mauritius, New Zealand, North America, Romania, Singapore and United Kingdom.

The discussion included the status of the current SCLs, potential SCLs including Sri Lanka, Philippines and Indonesia, the operations of the international website (hosted in UK by the webmaster Edward Peters) and functions, the Delay Disruption Protocol, the SCL medal, the international updates that SCLs would be called upon to submit, potential SCL article/paper competition, and the SCL (International) conference returning to its Biennial format.

It was announced that the SCL 9th International Conference will be hosted by SCL (New Zealand) (as it was the only SCL submitting a bid) and will be held in Auckland, New Zealand from 4th to 6th November 2020.

Contributed by:
Anil Changaroth - 
ChangAroth Chambers LLC & ChangAroth InterNational Consultancy
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