Construction Projects And Disputes: 

1. International trade has in recent decades generated a large number of disputes. It is common in the construction industry for differences between parties and disagreements to occur throughout the life cycle of a construction project, from procurement through development to completion. 

2. Construction projects tend to be complex with difficult conditions attached. Each construction project involves the relationship of the contracting parties from the time of negotiating of the contract and all through the construction phase up to completion. Many factors such as issues with interpretation of the contract provisions; the scope of work; understanding of the obligations, design, quality, time and payment issues, uncertainties at any stage/phase of the project; and dealing with technical issues such as defects, delays, acceleration, liquidated damages affect the relationship of contracting parties . Parties can, if all of these are managed well and/or properly, avoid the breakdown of relationship while getting the job done at reasonable costs. 

Contributed by Anil Changaroth FCIArb SIArb, CHANGAROTH CHAMBERS LLC 

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