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Thank you for your continued support of SCL Singapore over the years!
We celebrate our 20th anniversary this year and needless to say, we would not be where we are without your support.
An Overview of 20th Anniversary Celebrations
In this our 20th year, we focus on the increasingly critical role of “Sustainability” within the construction industry, as demonstrated through our specially commissioned logo and theme  which you will see throughout 2022.  

We invite you to join us for an exciting line-up of key programmes/events planned throughout the year, including:

  1. A Strategic Leadership Dialogue with Past Chairs of SCL Singapore from 2002-2022, which will be complimentary for members (August 2022)
  2. Our 20th Annual General Meeting where a ground-breaking new Business Membership Scheme will be tabled
  3. Our 3rd“ Focus on Asia” Conference – a full-day hybrid event around the theme of sustainability, which enjoys the support and participation of regional and international SCLs (Oct 2022)
  4. Our 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner to be held after “3rd Focus on Asia” Conference (Oct 2022)
  5. Launch of our Environmental Sustainability Focus Group set up further to discussions with Ms Indranee Rajah (as 2nd Minister for National Development) to undertake education, study and research in respect of environmental sustainability in the context of construction law, with the aim to publish the useful results of such study and research (through seminars, conference presentations, newsletter articles and the like) for the benefit of the public and the construction industry.  As a member, you would be invited to contribute your views/feedback.

More details will be available shortly.

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